University of Delaware

Over 60 Tuition-Free Degree Program Undergraduate Application

In order to submit this application for the University of Delaware's Over 60 Program Tuition-Free Degree, you must reside in the State of Delaware for a minimum of twelve consecutive months and you must not have been previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student at the University of Delaware.

If you reside in the State of Delaware for a minimum of twelve consecutive months and you have previously attended the University of Delaware as a degree-seeking studentyou must complete the Readmission Application Form.  Please refer to  
An application for admission or readmission should be submitted no later than six to eight weeks before the start of the intended semester. (June/July for fall semester, November/December for spring semester)

It is expected that Over 60 Program applicants will have earned a High School diploma or equivalent.  SAT’s or other standardized tests are not required.

Applicants who have completed prior college work must have official transcript(s) from the institution(s) sent directly to the undergraduate Admissions Office.

Students in the Over 60 Tuition-Free Degree Program are subject to the same fees as all other admitted students with the exception of the following:
  •  admission application fee
  •  student teaching fee
  •  new student orientation fee

Registration for classes takes place on a space-available basis.

Participants are responsible for buying their own books and for paying late registration charges and fees for other services.