Lerner Virtual Visit Days

    UD's Lerner College of Business and Economics invites you to join our faculty, staff and students to learn more about our 17 business majors and discover how our active and supportive environment will help you explore your interests.

    We invite admitted students to join us for one of our upcoming events listed below. Prospective students interested in enrolling fall 2022 and beyond should check back in April for more information on events that are tailored for them.

    Lerner Virtual Visit Day

    Join us for a brief presentation about Lerner where you'll discover our business majors, study abroad and experiential learning opportunities, and how our Lerner-dedicated career-services team is setting our students up for success. Hear from our current business students about their own experiences and have your questions answered by faculty and students during our live Q&A session. 

    Lerner Student Stories

    Every student has a story, and we invite you to join our current business students for a guided discussion as they share their own stories and campus experiences in this "fireside chat" style event. From choosing their major to landing their dream internship, our students will discuss how Lerner's active and supportive environment has enabled them to discover their passions and achieve their goals. We'll save time for your questions.

    The Office of Undergraduate Admissions hosts a variety of tours (both in-person and virtual) and information sessions that complement the Lerner virtual visit day. Go to www.udel.edu/visitUD for more information.

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